About us

We are the company limited, the single owner of which is the Commune of Prudnik. We have already been acting on the market of manufacturers of the metal goods and constructions for 40 years.

The main area of our activity is the production of the wide range of the metal containers and receptacles , used mainly for the municipal purposes but also in the building industry as well as in the other branches of industry. We make receptacles following the own and tested in practice designs.

In case of individual solution needs, we design and produce the constructions fulfilling all the requirements of our customers. Our many- years experience allows us professionally deal with the problems connected to the collecting, segregating and transporting of different kind of materials as well as industrial and municipal waste. Our wares are unfailing, functional and durable.

We also produce different kind of metal constructions. These could be made according to the customer's designs or documentation, through such the processes as cutting, folding, stamping, cutting out, rolling, milling, polishing as well as fusion welding and welding. The finishing treatment could be done trough sanding, spray coating, zinc coating, which guarantee the proper durability and an aesthetical look.

The operational values of our goods are confirmed by many-years co-operation with different partners from Western Europe as well as with domestic customers.